Are You Ready to Discover the World's FPS Game APP Based on AI?

The Real Tournament is the first app that transforms your smartphone into a laser tag, leveraging the phone camera and state-of-the-art artificial-intelligence-based computer vision algorithms. Using Augmented Reality technologies you can transform any place into a real battle arena, challenging your friends and experiencing lot of fun and excitement. Choose the player class, set up your strategies and play your best to be the ultimate arena hero!

Augmented Reality

Transform any place into a FPS arena!
Only your smartphone is required.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage on proprietary neural networks to
automatically spot and identify people.

Challenge Your Friends

Play either against everyone or as a team.
Be the arena hero!

Long Range

Shoot from distance, far beyond standard laser tag distances. Moreover, no Add-on is required.

Maximize the Fun

Choose between different player classes and mix them within a complete set of game modes.

Privacy by Design

Don’t worry for your privacy!
Camera game pictures are never shared in any way.

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